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    Transfer Contacts to lotus notes

      HI All,

      I am trying to transfer contact infomation from coldfusion page to lotus notes for clients using lotus notes. Does any one have any idea or link to any site that has activeX or XML transfer information for doing that?

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          craigkaminsky Level 3
          How is your information getting to the CF page? Is it coming from a database or hard-coded onto the page or something else? How this data gets to the page can greatly affect the ways you might approach extracting and formatting it.

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            FKA001 Level 1
            HI Craig,
            Thanks for your quick response. The information is coming to the CF page from oracle database. What we are trying to do is put a 'Export to Lotus notes' button some where in the page and and allow clients to export their data to Lotus notes contacts.

            Best Regards
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              insuractive Level 3
              EDIT - scratch that last comment. I just googled myself up a wk4 file format - its definitely not plaintext. possibly postscript? Your best bet may be to:

              1) Find a custom tag that already does the heavy lifting - have you checked the adobe CF exchange?


              2) Find a plaintext file format that you can import contacts with in lotus and use CF + <cfcontent> to create/serve your data to the client.