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    cannot connect to creative cloud


      When I try to synchronize photoshop CC on my desktop PC I get the error "cannot connect to creative cloud". Photoshop and creative cloud are both "logged on".

      How do I get photoshop to synchronize again ??

      On my laptop I don't have this problem.

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          PrernaArora Level 3

          Hi jfmvoers,


          Welcome to Adobe Forums.

          This error could also be because you have a bad network configuration. Or, you could have a proxy setting that conflicts with the Creative Cloud Connection.

          Try turning on and off the "Turn Sync off" option.

          Rename OOBE as OOBE.old

          C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Adobe\OOBE



          Download Creative Cloud desktop app and sign in https://creative.adobe.com/products/creative-cloud


          Please reply for any assistance.



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            jfmvoers Level 1

            Hi, thank you for your reply,

            I did rename both OOBE folders and reinstalled the creative cloud desktop app.

            Unfortunally synchronizing the photoshop settings still gives the error it cannot connect to the creative cloud. The desktop app however does synchronize files from my local folder to the cloud so I assume there is no network problem.



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              jfmvoers Level 1

              Dispite the error I get that connection to creative cloud is not possible it looks like photoshop CC does synchronize correct. Today I tried to synchronize my laptop and it did take over all settings from my desktop pc which according to the error I get could not syschronize. Made a small action and synchronized my desktop and it took over the action from my laptop as well.

              Looks like some sort of bug to me ????