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    How to use Creative Cloud w/o internet connection, ever? (period)


      I work as a government contract on a military base where our production workstations running Creative Suite Master Collection 6 are all stand-alone systems with no internet connection whatsoever... and NEVER WILL have an internet connection. So HOW can we, as long-time customers, continue using the Adobe CS products?


      Before you suggest otherwise - let me make it perfectly clear....


      There is not now and never will be an internet connection to these machines for security reasons.


      So please don't suggest common sense things like, "You could connect it to download and set it up, and then you'd just have to connect every 30 or 99 days to verify." Not an option, period.


      It is a GREAT DISSERVICE to customers for all of your FAQ's to state an internet connection is not needed when, in fact, an internet connection IS needed for installation, and every 30-99 days thereafter.


      You SHOULD state that a CONSTANT internet connection is not needed - but the ability to connect to the internet periodically is ABSOLUTELY MANDATORY from everything I've read about the CC.


      I just realized Adobe has become the new/old Quark.