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    Change a psd alpha


      Hi, I'm using Window 7, 64-bit and Flash Professional CS5 (animator view).

      I'm still trying to learn Flash through the tutorial again so sorry in advace if some question sound a bit stupid.

      This is not an error.

      I drew a sword in Adobe Photoshop and now i want to add it into Flash. I want its alpha to increase from 0 -> 100.

      1. First i import the file sword.psd into the library

      2. copy and paste it to stage at frame 5

      3. I create a motion tween from frame 5 - 10

      4. At frame 5 i click on the sword and set the alpha to 0 then at frame 10 i set it to 100

      However, the sword seem to be solid, not a bit transparent at all.

      I manage to do it last year to a symbol but now, I totally forget everything.