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    external swf troubles

      Here's the skinny. I created a VERY simple site, main page, one button, and a second page with samples. Each sample is an external .swf with a fade in and fade out for nice transitions between each sample.
      If I go to the samples page and click on a number the external .swf loads fine for each, but if I click 'home' then try the same process there is a failure and no external .swf's will load.

      Once I leave the samples page I cant go back without it failing.

      Im sure its something simple, but does anybody have any suggestions?

      Here's my code for loading the external .swf for each sample:


      one.onRollOver = over;
      one.onRollOut = out;
      one.onRelease = goone;

      function over () {

      function out () {

      function goone () {

      if (_root.currMovie == undefined) {

      _root.currMovie = "sampleone";
      } else if (_root.currMovie != "sampleone") {
      if (container._currentframe >= container.midframe) {

      _root.currMovie = "sampleone";




      Thank you to anyone that can help!