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    InDesign CC interactive forms - PDF is blank when printed from any printer


      Hello - I have created an interactive PDF form in InDesign CC, which appears to work perfectly. However, I cannot get it to print. It shows the information on the page in the print preview, but the page is completely blank when it prints to a printer.


      I have double-checked that the ‘printable’ option is selected for all my buttons & it is saved as an interactive pdf. I have tried it on different printers, yet I still cannot figure out what’s going on. Even the logo or the title, which aren’t interactive, don’t print. The form is sent very nicely via e-mail, but we need to be able print out the filled in form on our end for our files.


      Interestingly, when I save it as a regular PDF file, the information is there, however, all the interactive fields (text boxes and/or buttons) are missing.


      Any insight anyone can provide would be greatly appreciated.