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    Problems with Edge Animate and back button ios and firefox


      I've put a bit of Edge content in a draft webpage:


      ..and am noticing a couple of issues:



      When viewing in ios, I click through the content (there are links to products within the Edge animation), and then press the back button on mobile safari, only the Edge content is displayed, not the rest of the page.



      When viewing in firefox, after clicking through a link within the Edge content and pressing the back button on the browser, the animation is paused from the point it was clicked. Other browsers that I've tested this on refresh the animation.


      Ideally the edge content would continue to play from where it was.This is what seems to happen when I preview the animation in the browser from Edge animate.


      Any help would be appreciated.


      I really need to have this working or else I'll have to abandon creating the content in Edge.