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    CS6 ID not exporting correct document size to PDF


      I created a 6.25 in wide doc in ID, exported it to PDF. PDF printed doc at 5.5 in wide. I sent PDF file to coworker, who printed it to several other printers in office: same wrong-sized results. Packaged and emailed original ID doc to our local printer for help, who opened my original ID file and--without making any changes to it--exported to PDF and got a perfect 6.25 size! She had no idea why it didn't convert properly on my software, since it worked perfectly for her.


      So, it's my software, and it's a recurring problem: I've created other PDF docs in the last few months that printed incorrectly. That's professionally embarrassing, especially since I make quite a few PDF docs for work.


      Can anyone give me a clue where to begin to fix this problem?