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    Which programs should my artistic 14-year-old daughter learn next?

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      Not sure where to put this so hope it is OK here.

      My daughter is 14 and  has learnt Photoshop. She also loves art and has a Bamboo tablet and Manga Studio. She also posts her blogs on Youtube using iMovie.She is thinking of making her own web page.

      I am wondering which programs in the Adobe Creative Cloud would be best for her to learn next and as I am very much a text person,  feel a bit overwhelmed looking at the complexity of some of these programs. However, I get the feeling that there is a lot of crossover knowledge once you have learnt one.

      So my questions are .... should she keep on learning more about Photoshop, or move on to Illustrator (the last thing she did was design a T-shirt for a sponsored run in her school this week - so if you hit me with vector-graphic questions I will run away ), or do something else.  Should she stretch iMovie until she has to move on to something else or would she have fun learning... what?...

      Should she start her website with something like WordPress and scale up, or should she start learning Muse or Dreamweaver or both, or have the fun of bouncing things around the screen using Edge Animate, or is that more for professionals once they have a solid knowlege of.... what? . From what I have read, Flash is becoming a thing of the past so presumably no worth learning any of the Flash suite, or-......I want her to have fun and express her creative side. She also likes Maths so does not necessarily have to be shielded from a little bit of coding, but ideally it woudl be great if she could learn useful skills for the future as well as being creative.

      Not sure if there is a better discussion forum than the Photoshop one, and this is my first post, but perhaps you will forgive me and thank you in advance for any tips.


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          david1610 wrote:


          …I get the feeling that there is a lot of crossover knowledge once you have learnt one…


          There is some basic knowledge and skills that all require in common, but not as much as you might think.


          Inconsistency between or among applications in the artificial "suites" or clouds should come as no surprise.


          The "suite" concept is a fabrication of Adobe marketing and bean-counting types.  The engineering teams are totally independent of each other, they are not only in different buildings but in different cities and states of the American Union, even in different countries.


          The fact that they have little if any communication among them is highlighted by requests occasionally made in these forums by top Adobe engineers to let the other teams know when there are problems in one application that impact our workflow in another one.


          As to which applications to "learn next" it all depends on her particular individual goals and needs,