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    Getting rid of McAfee Security Scan

      This unwanted product was downloaded with latest version of Flash Player (3.8.141). The McAfee download does not included uninstall.exe, so I cannot uninstall it. I have already wasted hours on this. Will you please send me an uninstall.exe. Don't tell me to uninstall using the Windows 7 Contriol Panel - McAfee Security Scan is not even listed there! 
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          They at least need the check box to give the option to install or not install. I want Flash Player not a bunch of garbage attached to it.

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            oh for fucksake

            It sounds like you're running Windows.  I've had to uninstall McAfee Security Scan a couple of times, so I can tell you that you do it through the Control Panel.  Look for a Control Panel item called Programs & Features; on some older systems it's called Add/Remove Programs.  On slow computers it takes a while to make the whole list, but McAfee Security Scan should show up there.  Click it, then look for an Uninstall button and tell your computer you really don't want this piece of garbage!