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    Deleting old WinHelp A-Link Keywords - Can't find them

    gdavism2m Level 1
      I have a WinHelp project that I converted into an HTML Help project using RoboHelp X5. This has generated a lot of A-Link Keywords that I can't find to delete them. I have to rebuild them as "See Also" keywords so I can update as new topics are created that are relevant.

      My questions are:
      1. How do I find these left over A-Link keywords to delete them? I can't create new "See Also" keywords since the some of the same keywords already exist as A-Link keywords. They don't show up in the "See Also" pane of Index Designer so I can't use them.

      2. How can I use them if I can't delete them?

      Any help and/or suggestions would be most appreciated.

      Greg Davis
      Senior Technical Writer, Made2Manage
      Consona ERP