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    [Error]: "After Effects can't continue; sorry, After Effects has crashed ... (0 :: 42)"

    Orthodox Legacy

      Hello, I am thoroughly enjoying not being able to get work done, but I would love to get my work done ._. This error message came up today with no reason, speaking that I did plenty of work on AE yesterday. Before this happened though, I got "ERROR CODE: 16" (Real creative), which would not even let AE start initializing. I fixed that and then I got this error. So I decided I would simply re-install the application (AND ALL MY PLUG-INS), but now I just get this stupid error. Without "ERROR CODE: 16". BUT, to make things more ammusing, I get a message saying that Quicktime is not installed. BUT IT IS! I reinstalled that and still get that pop-up. So, how do I fix this program that is broken with errors?