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    Positionin a loaded movie


      Hello all

      I have a bit of a problem.
      I have to add a pre loader to a screens based movie (created by the client)
      which is pretty much wokin ok. it involved creating a new ("regular") movie and loading the screen based movie in to that by way of a loading component and adjusting some peramaters. Any way after a lot of headaches iv kinda got it wrking exept for one thing.

      The position of the loaded (screens) movie is off, i have both movies set to the same resolution, but i think it has some thing to do with the registration points of the movies (not sure tho). any way is there a way to position the loaded movie (loaded using a loader component) using actionscript or have i missed something? i havnt done action scripting for a coupla years and am struggling with the syntax.

      Any help would be really great