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    Critical bug with effects?

      I am experiencing a very annoying bug. There are several effects used in my application, and sometimes - very erratically - they seem to stop/hang.

      One example is that I have new GUI elements fading in. But sometimes (quite rare) they stop halfway, leaving a washed-out GUI on screen. That's not completely blocking, but that's very ugly and unprofessional.

      Another example is a calendar I have on screen. When a day elapses, the change is made with a WipeDown effect. And sometimes (frequently) it stops with only one half of the day number painted on screen.

      But the really blocking bug is the following one. I use drag-and-drop operations. When a drop is cancelled there is a (standard) animation, which moves the drag proxy back to its origin (BTW: is there any way I can get rid of this animation?). The problem is that sometimes this animation freezes leaving a transparent proxy in the middle of my screen. And most importantly preventing any new drag-and-drop to start, which is truely blocking.

      I had similar problems in a previous application. This looks like a bug in Flex and I can't decently create a product with such bugs in it. Any help would be welcome.