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    Vista Workaround for Creative Cloud


      I have discovered what MIGHT be a temporary workaround for running CC apps under Vista. This workaround needs people to test it and report back to this thread, any help is appreciated.


      There is NO guarantee that this workaround will continue to work.



      Just open all the apps you think you might use FIRST. This appears to get around the message "Some of the application components are missing from the Application directory, Please reinstall the application."



      Acrobat XI                                                                  No

      Dreamweaver                                                            Works

      InDesign                                                                    Works

      Lightroom v4                                                                           Works

      Lightroom v5                                                                           No

      Muse                                                                                          Works

      Photoshop (32bit)                                                                   Works

      Photoshop (64bit)                                                                   No

      Bridge (32bit) and Illustrator                                                Works

      Bridge (32 bit) and Photoshop (32bit).                               Works

      Bridge (32 bit) and Dreamweaver                                       Works

      Bridge and InDesign                                                  unsure, please retest

      Note: The test machine used a Vista Home Premium 64bit OS.


      Again, please continue to test using the combination of CC products you use and report back to this discussion whether they work or not.