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    Why don't Premier CC Text Layers Translate to After Effects?

    doctorsney Level 1

      hi there,


      when I transform my edit into an after effects composition from the premier timeline the text layers all come over as black solids and the text content is lost.


      I don't give two hoots as to your no doubt legitimate technical reasons for this, but the bottom line is that it sucks, it's a waste of my time and effort and it just seems like a simple thing that you should have implemented from the ground up when building the dynamic linking between AE and PR.


      Is there an expected timeframe for the issue to be addressed?


      Just to explain my typical workflow a little, I'm an editor/motion artist, so it's very frequent I'll lay out all my picture assets and text objects on a video edit timeline alongside vo and music, and once I'm happy with the flow I move the timeline over to Ae to commence animation for tv commercials, political spots, advocacy work, whatever.


      Having all my text get lost in the translation feels like a clumsy oversight for what is an otherwise great workflow.



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          Andrew Yoole MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          You can place a feature request here to suggest such a feature to Adobe. 


          They have supplied the feature in reverse quite recently:  you can now create text layers in After Effects comps that are editable within Premiere.


          In the meantime, I'd suggest always creating your text in Photoshop.  There's a lot more versatility, and when you move your Premiere project to After Effects you retain all the editability that you have in Photoshop itself.

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            doctorsney Level 1

            Thanks for your response Andrew.


            making my text layers in a separate program? no thank you. the reverse is possible? (ae text to pr) good lord why?!?!?! (I don't get that as I would never work that way but I'm overjoyed for those that do)


            I don't like the idea of having an extra program in the loop, it's just convoluted, if I was placing the text specifically around images in Pr, then I would have to send the image over to Ps too just to achieve the same layout - more work than neccessary! Most of the time I do most of my Ps tasks in Ae anyway because I'm just faster in Ae. 


            In truth I'm not even a fan of my edit and my graphics being in separate packages.  I'm running into a lot of video edit issues in Ae nowadays. The idea that you're your're script or picture locked before you get into animation is redundant.  I want all my edit flexibility in Ae ideally but the dynamic link stuff - if you use a few sneaky workarounds basically works well.


            If I could have my wish...I want a program that is my edit, graphics/compositing/paint and also 3d all in one. Because I'm a ninja and I can deal. Wanted this for the last 10 years. Still waiting. I should just probably learn to use a Smoke...

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              Dave LaRonde Level 6

              I'll bet you're not aware that NEITHER After Effects NOR Premiere were initially developed by Adobe.  Adobe bought them.  Two different companies created them... with all sorts of different notions of how video, audio and such should work together.  Consequently, the code between the two is extremely different.  They weren't designed to play nicely together, and the fact that they work together AT ALL says something about the skills of Adobe software engineers.


              Knowing that won't solve your current problem, but at least now you know that the guys at Adove aren't blowing off an obvious flaw.

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                Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                The text rendering engines for PPro and AE are completely different animals. I would look for better integration in the future because this is a common feature request. It just takes time to do the engineering.