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    New To Photoshop, need suggestions!


      I am a budding photographer with some of my work selling in local stores.  I have an iPhone (with which I take most of my photos) and a MacBook Pro laptop.  I am looking for a software that for my laptop to work on my photos.  Crop, add text, frames, filters etc.  Suggestions?

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          Mike M Level 6

          You'll want Photoshop (CS6 or CC - I prefer CS6) or Photoshop Elements.

          Apple has Aperture and iPhoto. iPhoto should have come with your MacBook. I don't use iPhoto, because after 12 years of it, Apple still hasn't managed to prevent it from using gigs and gigs of unnecessary space with HUGE multiple copies of every file you open.


          If you plan to get serious about photography, you're not going to get far with an iPhone® as your primary camea. It may shoot nice pictures, but anyone serious about their photographs will work in RAW and for that you'll need a good professional camera, like Nikon® or Canon® make, 16 Megapixel or more.

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            BrodyInk Level 1

            Thanks Mike!

            I do have a nice Canon Rebel digital camera.  I use that as well, but most things seem to 'strike' when I don't have my larger camera.  I also need to learn a lot more about the camera to even come close to using it to it's full potential.

            I have not used iPhoto for more than really organizing my photos.  I haven't used it for editing purposes, with the exception of some very minor fixes (cropping etc).

            Of the softwares you mentioned above, is there one that is easier for a newbie to figure out and work with?  I teach computers (to elementary children) so am not totally illiterate about computers but certainly would be new to this software. 

            Thanks again for your help and advice, keep it coming!

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              Mike M Level 6

              Elements is a "lite" version of Photoshop. It costs less too. I've used both. In fact, I have Elements 9 as well as Photoshop CS5 and CS6 on my Mac. They share a lot of things like filters, brushes, and other presets & plug-ins, but once you learn it, Photoshop can do so much more.  Lynda.com is where Iearned both in 2007. They teach in a visual format with exercise files so you can follow along. Quite a few times during a lesson, I'd find myself saying "I've been using Photoshop for five years and I never knew that trick!" I still have the CS5 lessons I got three years ago as a refresher, and I go in to remind myself of things I haven't done in a while.


              Rebels and EOS camera can take a bit of "schooling". I have two friends who are professional photographers, and they have forgotten more about them than I'll probaby ever know. Just one of their cameras cost more than my still camera, video camera, Mac and PC put together, but I'm not as serious about my shoots as they are. Most of my work is for the web, so I don't deal in RAW, amd seldon with files bigger than half a megabyte when they're finished.

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