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    Creating a interactive catalog


      Dear Everybody,


      I'm fairly new to indesign and automated catalog creation. So I'm not fully aware of the possibilities of the software.


      Recently my company has decided to renew their catalog. The goal is to create a catalog of approximatly 200 products with 3 pages of specifications each. The specifications of the 200 products are stored in a database and used to generate the 3 pages of specifications using Data merge/XML. At this moment I'm able to generate the catalog without any problems.


      Because some of the information on the 3rd sheet is not always needed and can confuse some of our customers we wish te be able to hide it. Is there a possibility to generate a PDF catalog that can be slightly modified by the end-users? For example our products come with different options (6-9 )and we want to show only the image and specifications of the options our clients are interested in. My agents (non InDesign users)  want to have a interactive catalog (PDF) in wich they can edit some specifications and then save it as a non-interactive catalog to send to their clients.


      I have tried using object states, but this only reacts to my mouseover and click commands and won't stay in the desired state.


      Sorry for the lengthy explanation.


      Hope you can help.


      Sincerely, Sebastian