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    Broadcasting music

      Thanks to Rick I have sourced a great sound editing program ( http://audacity.sourceforge.net/). Now my next concern is determining what copied sounds I am able to insert into my content. If I wanted part of a song from U2, or maybe a homer simpson's 'doh!', surely I am not allowed to just put it in and make it public.

      But then how do radio stations get away with it? There must be something we can do, or buy, that enables us to broadcast music and sounds in our animations.

      Anyone know of a resource where we can find out more information on this?

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          Honoring copyrights and licensing restrictions is very important, though it needn't be a big source of trouble -- though it most certainly would be a headache if you had to go the route of a radio station, motion picture, or commercial.

          There are many companies who allow you to easily purchase and use sound effects and music in multimedia productions. Their materials are usually fresh compositions of their own, and surprisingly, they even produce "sound alikes" for popular music.

          Try using Google to search on this string of keywords: "royalty free buyout music"