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    Adobe Media Server 5 Needed Version Check



      I have a digital asset management system with a transcoding application. I will use a streaming server. I will have 10 users in the system and some long duration videos(320X240 resolution; 1-3 hours recordings). Sometimes a couple of users will stream the same video.

      I would like to use Media Server Starter version but some elements in the spec list makes me to hesitate. As I am not familiar with streaming technology, I searched for them on the web but still I am undecided. Here are the limited features I wonder about,

      HTTP streaming for Adobe Flash® Player compatible and Apple iOS devices 10 minutes;

      IP multicast 10 minutes;

      Multicast fusion for Flash Player compatible devices 10 minutes;

      Application-level multicast 10 minutes;

      NEW Protected HTTP Dynamic Streaming for Flash Player compatible devices 10 minutes;


      Due to my needs, are these limitations important for me? If so, how are the needs affected?

      Thanks for any help.