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    Full Motion Recording won't work

    hands2work Level 1
      A couple of my co-workers are having difficulty with FMR. We've checked their Options>Recording Options>Full Motion Recording: Automatically use full motion and Show mouse in full motion capture are checked, Record at highter full motion capture is unchecked, Video quality is 80, color mode 16bit. Is this an issue with Captivate, or may with the computer itself?
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          Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          Hi hands2work

          What are you seeing that makes you conclude it's "not working"? Full motion mode only kicks in for the following actions:

          * Dragging a window or object from one place to another
          * Clicking and dragging the mouse, perhaps to select text
          * Clicking and dragging the thumb of a scroll bar

          Or, you could force full motion capture by pressing the designated start and end keys. By default, these are F9 to start and F10 to stop. But you are free to reassign them.

          Cheers... Rick
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            hands2work Level 1
            Hi Captiv8r,
            After using the mouse to click and drag a browser window scroll bar, there is no full motion recording. There's no projector icon on the slide, no animation layer in the timeline. When we preview the movie there is no animation. Same thing even if we use the Fkeys to invoke, i.e. F9 and F10.