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    Premiere ignores scale keyframes when exporting!


      I placed two keyframes for a simple ken burns effect in my timeline, but when i want to export the finished project in h.264, premiere pro ignores them. it's just a still without movement there. when I export the same thing to prores it works. strange! can anybody help me with this problem? thank you!


      Version: Premiere Pro CC 7.2.2(33)

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          Jim_Simon Level 9

          I can't think of anything that would cause such behavior.  Try trashing your preferenecs.


          https://blogs.adobe.com/genesisproject/2011/02/premiere-pro-cs5-maintenance-two-great-tips .html

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            quadroptik Level 1

            thanks for your reply. appreciate it. it actually seemed to help regarding the export. but the strange thing is still, that to preview the scale-effect in my timeline, I always have to render the selected clip. in the simple preview-mode (unrendered, red lines above clip) with all the additional cc-effects on the clip, the scale effect isn't visible. hmmm, I sometimes miss fcp7

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              superkevkt Level 1

              I'm having this problem too. Premiere Pro CC is ignoring the Scale keyframes both in previews and in the final render. I've applied the keyframes to a nested sequence. I tested by replacing the nested sequence with a single clip, but the keyframes don't work with it either. However, if I create a simple sequence from a clip, the keyframes work.


              Other keyframes seem to work in my larger sequence (Time Remapping, etc.).


              Currently I'm reluctant to trash my preferences because I'm in the middle of a big project and I don't want to have to set everything up again. Using 7.2.2 (33) on Windows 7 Ultimate x64.


              [EDIT] Actually, it's inaccurate to say that Premiere Pro is ignoring the keyframes. It just sets the scale to whatever it is in the last keyframe in the clip. So if you scale from 100% to 150% and then to 125%, the entire clip will play at 125% scale.

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                Mark Mapes Adobe Employee

                That sounds like a timecode-related issue--like Premiere is confused about the track item's start timecode.

                What type of content? Regular A/V? Merged clips? Subclips?

                Have you used Modify>Timecode or Modify>Interpret Footage?

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                  superkevkt Level 1

                  Yes that's definitely possible that it's a timecode issue. The footage is 60fps IPS 1280x720 shot on Canon 5D MkIII. I interpreted it as 23.976fps for a slow motion effect. The problem clip is in a sequence. I nested part of the sequence into another sequence. I tried to apply the scaling keyframes to this small part.


                  For the record, I've also tried creating a new sequence directly from that specific clip. I tried to apply scaling keyframes to the clip and it doesn't work. I have some other clips that have the same specifications in the same project and sequence that have no problem with the scaling keyframes.


                  If it is a timecode issue with this clip, how can I fix it?

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                    Mark Mapes Adobe Employee

                    Sorry, re-reading your first post, I see you reported that we're talking about a nested sequence. Don't know how I missed that...


                    I'm unable to reproduce any keyframing issue with 5D MkIII 720/60P footage interpretted to 23.976, either with the original clip or with a nested segment of the sequence. I too am testing on 7.2.2 & Win 7. So we're missing some ingredient in this stew.


                    Just to double-check, have you done any of the following:

                    • merged the 5D clip w/ other audio
                    • saved a segment of the master clip as a subclip
                    • adjusted the clip's start timecode (Modify Clip>Timecode)
                    • used any other method to adjust speed (Speed/Duration, Time Remapping, Rate Stretch tool)


                    If you make a copy of the clip in the project and reset Interpret Footage to Use FR from File, does keyfaming work correctly? If so, then a workaround might be to use one of the speed adjustment methods cited above to achieve the slow motion.

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                      superkevkt Level 1

                      Yes, the problem was isolated to this particular clip. Perhaps the problem was because of the time remapping keyframes and the framerate interpretation. I did as you suggested and made a copy of the clip. I reset its interpretation and then applied all the filters to it again and the keyframing worked again. There were a number of nested sequences that had exactly the same treatment as the non-functioning one and they worked fine. I guess it was just a one-time glitch. Thanks for your help diagnosing!

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                        I figured out the reason for the problem.

                        I created few transitions using adjustment layers and everything worked perfectly till I added a watermark on top of them all with 40% opacity. The animation toggle (stopwatch) was on for the watermark's opacity and that is what causing the strange scaling issue. Once I turn off the stopwatch, everything work normal.

                        Anyways, I want to keep the stop watch turned as I am animating the watermark also. How do I do it without affecting the scale of the clip below?