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    3B2 to InDesign Conversion

    John J David Level 1

      I have a 3B2 document with me. I need to convert the 3B2 document to InDesign. Can someone help me out to convert the document or is there any tool available on the website?

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          Steve Werner Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          3B2 is not used in the graphics publishing business, which is what InDesign is aimed at. There is no direct import.


          What formats does 3B2 export (the reference below mentions PDF but PDF could only placed as uneditable graphics into InDesign)?


          Here's the Google reference I found with no answer to my question:



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            Hi John,


            I've been using 3B2 for more years than I care to remember. I still use it for a certain Journal. I switched to InDesign a few years back since 3B2 was no longer supported and the worry of hardware dongle issues. A real pity because it is a very powerful program and, as I recall, hugely expensive!


            Unfortunately, there is no export option, however, 3B2 is an ASCII based program using visible tags and simply cutting and pasting from the ASCII (right hand screen), into an InDesign document works well. Then use Find and Replace  on those tags (<body>, <heading> and any inline tags &I; &R; etc.) to your InDesign tags. There are a very few anomalies which, off the top of my head, I can't remember.


            I'm very rarely on this forum, your query was forwarded by a friend. If you need any further assistance please feel free to email me at john.w.hewer@btinternet.com.


            All the best and good luck.



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              John J David Level 1

              Thanks a lot for the clarifications. I will get back to you if I need any assistance

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                If conversion from 3b2 is required, I can help. I've worked as a 3b2 developer for 18 years. 3b2 is now owned by arbortext and called app. I could look at your files and convert to rtf, word, XHTML, XML, ePub Mobi etc. These would be fully marked up ready for indesign template.Let me know.

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                  Hi John,


                  There will be a loss of functionality in doing this and unfortunately there is no quick conversion tool. 3B2 .3d documents are asci but use proprietary macro/object model structure.


                  Some customers have set up a custom export from 3B2 templates to inx styles, but this will not cover the layout and pages etc and is a custom coding exercise.


                  You best option might be to export the document using 3B2's print drivers to XML or HTML or taggedPDF (if using V11) and see what ID can make of this. If you use V11+XML you can export an augmented DOM stream containing the documents styling and formatting information as a enriched XML to utilise.


                  You might be interested to know 3B2 is still very much supported and developed, now part of the Arbortext family by PTC.com.




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                    Eman Hylooz


                    How can I use your services in converting a 3b2 file into EPUB or Word?

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                      Hello John,


                      we can do this. We have written a conversion tool for converting 3b2 data to a lot other file formats, such as Word, InDesign or xml.

                      Let me know if you are still looking for this.


                      Best Regards

                      Gerd Blumenstein