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    CFNetwork "GET" download file crashing on CFHTTPMessageCopySerializedMessage

    Qamar khan

      Hi All,

              I am trying to downalod jpg file by using CFNetwork http request.But the request going to crash indesign on  CFHTTPMessageCopySerializedMessage method.

      The same things working fine on Mac 10.6.8.

      Now ihave upgraded my Mac OS to 10.8 and Xcode is 4.6.

      So please let me know if anybody have any idea or help regading this topic.

      Crash Log



      hread 0 Crashed:: Dispatch queue: com.apple.main-thread

      0   com.apple.CoreFoundation                0x00007fff8a19c115 CFURLCopyScheme + 37

      1   com.apple.CFNetwork                     0x00007fff9433351a URLPortion::URLPortion(__CFAllocator const*, __CFURL const*, unsigned char) + 42

      2   com.apple.CFNetwork                     0x00007fff94333330 HTTPRequestMessage::firstLineForSerialization(unsigned char) + 320

      3   com.apple.CFNetwork                     0x00007fff943330cc HTTPMessage::copySerializedHeaders(unsigned char) + 42

      4   com.apple.CFNetwork                     0x00007fff9437254c HTTPMessage::copySerializedMessage() + 24

      5   com.apple.CFNetwork                     0x00007fff9434b1a7 CFHTTPMessageCopySerializedMessage + 29




      Qamar khan