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    live preview stopped working?




      I hope I am wording this correctly. I have never had this issue but I must have turned this feature off. When positioning an object I used to be able to see it move as I was adjusting its position on my composition. So like if I moved the Y position to 25 and then scrolled it along to say 32 I would watch the object move. THen one day it stopped doing that. I'm using a guide that the creative director sent over in order to make sure my elements line up correctly but without this preview it's just tedious. I was wondering if anyone knows what that function was called and then how to do I turn it back on?


      Thanks so much, I am frustrated with it because I have never turned it off so I didn't even know that was an option.



      I'm using AE CC on a Mac running Mavericks. It appears when I bring the project to my laptop it works just like it did before so I'm assuming I just turned off a feature.



      Thanks again,