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    Unable to View or Hear a File Using Premier v12 that Was Made with Trial Version 11


      Dear Assistance,


      About a year ago, I compiled video into a file using Trial Version 11. 


      It sat on my computer for about a year.


      Recently, I purchased Premire 12 (on a different computer)


      I then copied the file I made using Trial v11 to dropbox.


      I then opened the file and it automatically loaded onto my v12.


      However, I cannot hear any audio. 


      Also, there is no video.  Instead, I see a red square image (with text on the far left - some of the text is english and some of it appears Chinese.  The English says Media off-line.


      Please help me.  I really need to be able to play this video and make additional edits to it.


      Thank you,