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    Open windows wont close


      Somehow I got myself into what should be an easily resolved problem, but I havn't been able to figure it out.

      I have the main Elements window open on a second monitor. It is so far open that the handle bar at the top of the screen

      that allows you to move the window around the screen is hidden behind the menu bar on my mac. The bottom of the open window is also below the

      bottom of the same computer screen.  The result is that I cannot close the active Elements window or move it to my primary window where I may be

      able to grab the top and reduce the size.   I can bring in the sides but that doesn't help close the window. 

      I know I'm probably only one button away, but Which button?




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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          Well, worst case you can always just Restore Workspace (under the Window menu).


          Your other option is to temporarily increase the resolution of your monitor so that the top of this window is displayed.


          Or you can temporarily decrease the resolution of your monitor so that all of the windows get smaller and rejigger into position, then reset your monitor to your regular resolution.