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    Best computer Setup


      After years, I am getting back into some serious video editing. Any links to an ideal laptop setup? (as I will purchase the laptop to do this)

      Memory level and graphics card that excels.

      12Gb memory that much better than 8 ?

      graphics card specs that are best?

      Dual core i7 that much better that i5?

      Recommendations different for Premiere Elements vs Premiere Pro.


      Thanks so much.


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          John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          A MOD is likely going to come along and move this to http://forums.adobe.com/community/premiere/hardware_forum?view=discussions


          Laptop Video Editing PC - http://forums.adobe.com/thread/1369220?tstart=0

          -Laptop to edit 4k red video http://forums.adobe.com/thread/1108124

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            Jim_Simon Level 9

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              Bill Gehrke Most Valuable Participant

              How much can you afford for this "serious editing".  If you cannot afford a minimum of about $1500 (or more) go with Premiere Elements.  Yes, you can get by with less but not what I would consider "serious" editing, it might be painfully slow.


              For Premiere Pro in my opinion you really need a minimum of two disk drives, an nVidia GPU and a quad core i7 CPU capabie of hyperthreading.  This is being typed on my ~$1500 customized laptop. 


              Also see this thread

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                Ed997 Level 1


                What is the url of the Hardware forum ?


                I do not see it as I look in forum possibilities on the main page:



                Anyway thanks for putting me in the right place.


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                  Ed997 Level 1




                  I used Premiere Elements a few years ago, it was great.


                  I do not know if I need to go to the Pro ver.


                  I wanted something to grow into, that would be challenging and a step up in power from Elements: but perhaps it is not necessary (I know Elements ... is very good.




                  I was hoping to go with a laptop, $1500 would be a stretch I was thinking @900 was going to do it.


                  I used to edit on a Desktop, perhaps that is where I should do video editing.


                  I would be very interested in your listing the specs of your machine that you think performs well using Pro.


                  If you have used Elements, do you think Pro is 2x as capable or 4x ? By Price it should be @ 8x as capable .



                  From what I recall rendering is best done on the root drive with i/o access time so much better.


                  I wanted to go with i7 anyway.


                  I need to study up on the feature differences between Elements and Pro.

                  Initially I just thought I would be getting a machine with Windows 8.1, @12 Gb ram, and 1 T hard drive (7200rpm if I can get it).


                  I have external hard drives for storage, but perhaps you think two drives are needed for reasons I have not thought of.


                  I did not know they made laptops with two hard drives ! I usually subdivide my drive into virtual drives for the sake of Image backups (obv keeping my system files on "C:" only with all software files on partitions).


                  I am listening hard, as I don't want to leave anything out I can afford. (basically trying not to be stupid ).


                  Any  info you can get back with will be appreciated.




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                    John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                    Partitions are not good for video editing... there is so much reading/writing going on, using the one set of read/write heads in a drive, that everything will be slower (due to switching between program and data partitions) and the drive will wear out sooner


                    Also, at least some Adobe software does not work properly if you don't install it on the C drive


                    Did you click at least the 1st laptop link I provided in reply #1? (and the links inside that... LOTS of laptop discussion)

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                      Ed997 Level 1


                      Thanks, I will start tackling those links.


                      Yes I can see that projects would be best on C: with the software, for rendering and backed up to a partition.

                      Yes these links are what I wanted in coming to the forums, thanks for making it easier.


                      Any opinions on one subject guys?


                      I would think video editing would be the one last category of  computer work that argues for the Desktop over the laptop.


                      Cooling, and ease of drive addition/replacement etc.


                      What percentage of "Pro ver" work is done on laptops would you guess? 50%, less ?


                      I will be reading over the next week or so, and get back if I have any final fine-point hardware questions.


                      I also need to understand the improved capability of the pro ver over Elements, and will over the next month be digging up info on that.


                      I am a retired programmer, and just wanted something even better than Elements .... but not sure if the learning curve would be steep/worth it or similar to Elements but much more capable. Sometimes you get what you pay for, sometimes you do not get proportionately more when you pay more (sometimes terribly so).


                      Best Regards,


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                        cc_merchant Level 4

                        I suggest you read ALL the articles here: Tweakers Page and here: Planning a NLE System