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    Photoshop Keyboard shortcuts "sticking" with Mavericks


      I have a strange problem that has started ever since I upgraded to Mavericks. It began on CS6 but the problem has persisted even after an update to Photoshop CC.


      When using keyboard shortcuts to switch between tools (which I have to do constantly as an illustrator), ever so often, the keyboard shortcuts seem to shut down -  pushing a key fails to successfully switch to the desired tool. Even pushing the key dozens of times does nothing. The only way around this is to click somehwere on or off of the canvas. After doing that, then the keyboard commands work again and it will allow you to switch tools. There doesn't seem to be any specific action that causes the keyboard shortcuts to shut down.


      It seems like a relatively minor issue but when it happens hundreds of times during a work day, it starts to add up to a major frustration.


      Has anyone encountered this problem? Any suggestions?


      Thank you