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    InDesign CC Trial won't open files


      I have been using the trial for about 2 weeks. We work on files off a server at work, and our server went down today. This caused InDesign to crash and when I reopened it, it would no longer open any files. These are files I created using the trial and was just working on earlier today, and now I get the message "Cannot open the file xxxxx. Adobe Indesign may not support the file format, a plug-in that supports the file format may be missing, or the file may be open in another application."


      I have already tried the following:

      Restarted my computer

      Restarted InDesign

      Ran Creative Cloud updates

      Uninstalled and reinstalled InDesign CC trial

      Had a coworker open the files on his CC trial (worked fine)


      Can anyone help?