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    Adobe QT32 Server.exe Crashes Windows 8.1




      I've been using AE happily and exporting my files as QT animation sequences for awhile now and just today, in fact a couple of hours ago, I am no longer able to export QT from After Effects. I've read through the troubleshooting steps and none have helped. I've disabled my firewall completely, I've cleared out the preferences file, and I've moved the component folders from my QT install directory - although I'm unsure that's a solution for Windows.


      I've updated Quicktime as a response to this issue but it did not solve the problem. The "Adobe After Effects CC (32bit)" process as it's named in Task Manager crashes and disappears when I start the render.


      What's weird is that I can import QT mov files and play them through without provocation UNTIL I try a render. Again, I was able to render out QT just fine up until a couple of hours ago. (I've been troubleshooting since)


      Any and all help is greatly appreciated. I have the crash dump from Adobe QT32 Server.exe if that would be of any value.


      Here are some notable things that I did which I do not normally do and could have b0rked Adobe QT32 Server.exe:

      - created a sequence in Premiere using Blackmagic SD settings

      - Rendered a sequence using QT NTSC DV settings


      I've since uninstalled all the Blackmagic stuff I had - DaVinci Resolve and Blackmagic camera utility


      Also, AME and Premiere still handle Quicktime without crashing.