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    How do YOU do it? - Share your ideas about file sharing and syncing

    Redheaded Designer

      My coworker and I work 500 miles apart from eachother. We often want to open the other's files, do some work on them, and then close the files and have the other be able to open.

      The problem with Creative Cloud is that we place the files there and can do the back and forth but now we have files in the Cloud, files on her system and files on my system. Which files are the "latest" files is often the problem? I cannot wrap my head around the best way to go about this. We have thought about sharing and working on them in the Cloud. Then, once client has approved, take the files off the Cloud and replace the files on my system with the "Final" files. But this seems like alot of room for error.


      The other issue is that we are designers for a trade show exhibit company...our files are HUGE since 90% of what we are designing is large format. The upload times are huge.


      Right now we try to each work on separate jobs, sort of divvu up the work. But we are getting frustrated as often (since I am the Creative Director) I need to throw something her way to finish up.


      I'd like to hear how others share files...we also use a program called SYNCPLICITY in which I can "share" a few folders with her and even though the folder is on my system, she can link to it and get into the files.


      Would love to just hear how other people solve this problem.