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    How do I convert pdf to word and retain field mapping?


      I have a pdf that has fields with unique form field names that have to be manually mapped.  The pdf was originally created in Word and needs to be edited.  How can I convert the document  into a Word document so that I can edit it, and then convert it back into a pdf?  I would like to retain the field mapping throughout the process so that I don't have to re-map all of the unique fields. I am using Acrobat Pro XI



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          CtDave Level 5

          Using Acrobat XI you could do a file | save as other | microsoft word ---

          Do the desired edits in this new Word file.

          Create a new PDF (that'd have a new file name).

          Open original PDF. Save As to a new file name.

          Now use Acrobat's replace page feature to replace an existing page (say page 1) with the new PDF's page 1 (this is the PDF output from the Word file you made and did edits to).

          Existing form fields are not taken away - they still are floating on the page. You may have to adjust location but they are still there.


          Be well...

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            Bill@VT Level 7

            Just to clarify a bit. Form fields are markup and are not part of the basic document. When you do the replace, you are only replacing the basic document that you created.

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              Hi Bill,


              Can you help me please? I have a project. A PDF Form that my client needs to map the fields in the PDF forms. I don't how to map the fields in the PDF Forms. Can you explain and give me some tutorial how to do it please?


              I would really appreaciate it. I look forward for your positive reply.



              Thank you much.

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                Bill@VT Level 7

                I think the point we were both trying to get at was to edit the basic form appearance in WORD (not the fields themselves), then create a new PDF from the WORD file (to get the WORD file use Save As Other). Be sure to keep the WORD file for future changes so you don't have to worry about going backwards.


                CtDave suggested making a copy of your original file and I fully agree. It is always best to keep the original until you are sure the changes are correct and the original is no longer needed.


                Open the original (after making the copy) and then use replace pages with the new PDF. The fields will still be in place with the same names. The Replace pages only replaces the document, not the markup (that means the fields). You may have to edit the fields, move them around, and add/delete fields as needed. With this you will have edited the form, but retained the fields.


                I think that is what you are wanting to do and using the replace pages is probably the best way. Hope that makes sense. If your question about mapping the fields is really something else, could you please explain what you mean by mapping (I assume you were trying to take them back to WORD -- having the original WORD file would have helped). I think we have addressed the process we would use to edit the form with WORD, while retaining the fields in the original PDF. Functionally, that seens to be what you want to do.