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    Creative Cloud and Transferring Presets


      Hi there,


      I was using a trial version of Lightroom, and since it has expired, I am considering purchasing Creative Cloud. My issue is that I downloaded and installed a bunch of presets into my desktop version of Lightroom during the trial, and would like to transfer them to the Lightroom CC version when I download it (assuming I'll have to download it separately?). Can someone help me with whether or not this is possible, and how to do it?


      Additionally, I am wondering if I should be purchasing Lightroom outright, or trying Creative Cloud, since I would get Photoshop and Lightroom. My concern is that I will lose some aspects of Lightroom that I have grown to love - is this true?


      Any help and advice would be appreciated! I have searched all over the Internet for answers to these questions, and they have been vague and not specific enough, so I'm hoping someone on here can assist!


      In gratitude,