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    Help setting up Window.location.href to open a file, and 1 other issue


      Hey there,

      I am a student currently working on a school project where I must make a website. I am trying to set up: window.location.href="C:\Users\*PCNAME*\Desktop\*SITE*"; in that fashion to open up a local file on my HDD, so when I click a specific area, it opens that page from my local files. This setting works with opening web pages like "http://www.google.com" just fine, but when I attempt to instead open up a file location I am given an error.

      Also, my other question is how to have more than 1: <script type="text/javascript"> function LinkTo(){, so that I can have 2 seperate buttons on my web page linking to 2 seperate sites.


      Here is a link to the PasteBin with my code: http://pastebin.com/Eawy2hcL


      Basically, I am wondering how to set up window.location.href to open  up a page located in my files rather than from the internet like Google or Facebook; and, I am wondering  how to have multiple LinkTo scripts set up so different buttons link to different pages and how to link those buttons to each script. I am new to Dreamweaver, so forgive me if anything is blindingly obvious!