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    Adobe Flash Player 9 just won`t go away.


      I`m running Windows 8.1 64 bit. When I double click on an swf file, the box comes up and it says Adobe Flash Player 9. I searched for "Adobe" and then "Flash" on C:/ but did not find anything outside of the AppData folder (in Roaming) and I deleted that but it did not fix the problem. I did not find a standalone Adobe Flash Player, 9 or anything else.


      I installed the latest version of the Adobe Flash Player,, but when I click on an swf file, it is Adobe Flash Player 9 that plays it, no matter where it is on my HD.


      How can I get rid of Adobe Flash Player 9? Please don't tell me to search for Adobe Flash Player on my computer. I did that 100 times and came up with nothing outside the AppData folder.