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    Placing text frame under every picture




      I am making a product catalog with 6500 products in it. I put al the images one by one but I need to place model names under every picture. I cannot create a master page because every page is different then each other. Can I place text frames which includes model number under every image using a database by a plugin?


      Thank you.

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          Migintosh Level 4

          I assume there is more info other than the model name, and that you possibly already have all of that information placed along with the images, and placing the model name is a step that was either added or forgotten until this point. Is that correct? If that's what you have, I'm not sure there is an easy solution. Maybe the model name is intended to be part of a flowing text string (and if so, whether all of the model names are to be in their own story or part of an existing story that includes the rest of the information), or maybe you want each model name in it's own text frame that is independent of the rest. If you can say whether either of these is what you want, I may be able to give you some more info.


          If you are still at the beginning of this process, there are several ways to automate a catalog. InDesign's Data Merge can work to a point, but for more detailed work, others have gone the more expensive route of a dedicated catalog plug-in like InData from em software (which also has a bit of a learning curve). The advantage is that you can make small changes (like the one you have) that would take lots of effort to do manually, but can be done relatively easily and quickly with the plug-in.

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            rob day Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            It would be fairly easy to script a caption field which could include the image file name. Also some of the link's metadata is  available via scripting, so the script could use the metadata document title or a keyword