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    issue with file upload to Microsoft One Drive




      My uploaded file(25.6MB, 44 seconds long) from Adobe Premier Elements 9  will not play on Microsoft One Drive(MOD),


      Is anyone else have problems using MOD?


      I created  the file  I uploaded on my  new HP Envy Computer(x64 proccessor with 8 gig of RAM). 


      I  created this file on the  Adobe Premier Elements 9  software, saved to my computer, and then uploaded to MOD.


      I created it from my project  by choosing the MPEG category  Then within the MPEG category  I chose the HD 720p 30 footprint as the smallest and fastest option to upload.


      . I saved as a file  in a folder on my computer.  Don't know if this makes a difference but when I right clicked I chose "Windows Media Player" as the "Opens With" option.Don't think "Opens With" option really matter? Doesn't MOD automatically convert the file to whatever they want to use to open the file anyway?


      So that is the file I uploaded  to MOD using the MOD  "Upload" button.


      When I clicked to play, after waiting for what I assume was a "buffering process" , I got  a "Sorry, This video can't be played." message.


      Also, FYI , i uploaded to Google Drive . It plays but pauses to buffer about 30 seconds in.


      You Tube is the another drive I uploaded to. It plays perfectly there. But I would preferr to play on MOD. You feedback appreciated.