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    AE cannot seem to start up


      I have a problem getting AE to start up - it hangs for several minutes on "Initializing MediaCore", then magically struggles to start up. It actually goes into the "application not responding" phase - unless you just let it sit. But that shouldn't be happening. 



      Have I missed a step?  Or is this SOP for running AE that it just is painful to get running?


      Then, even when it does start up - it warns me that Quicktime is not installed, even though it is. 


      But I have already re-installed, run the cleaner, uninstalled, etc. 






      Running on: MbPro Retina, 2.6 i7, 16GB RAM, OS X Mav 10.9.2


      Have both whatever the latest version of Quicktime is, plus the V7 Pro.  Apparently, it doesn't think either exists.