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    How can I debug why AE is causing Win7 system freezes?

    Reid Kimball

      I have no idea why the following is happening and would like ideas on how I can debug it. I have been using AE, and then suddenly the program will stop responding. Windows will display in the program title bar, "Not Responding...", the program will tint white. Then other programs I am running, like FIrefox and Thunderbird will freeze too. CTRL+ALT+DEL does nothing and I have to do a hard system reboot.


      So, no error message comes up so this is impossible for me to debug. Is there a log file somewhere? Anything else I can do, or look at?


      AE version 3% of 16 GB RAM used


      Nvidia GTX 260


      Intel i7 920 @2.67 GHz


      Shortly before the issue started, I installed a new 3 TB drive and it's now my C:\ and has other partitions as other drives. I think it's AE related rather than my hardware because the system wide freeze has only happened when I am using AE.