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    Problems with loading a Flash file on another domain.   :(

    Jammer20002 Level 1
      I've got a problem that i am pulling my hair out over. :(

      I have a SWF file that reads and XML file and loads images that are mentioned in the XML file.
      OK so far. I can test on one domain and it works fine.

      Problem: I need to call the SWF file from another domain, called anotherDomain.com say for example.
      I need to have it be simply in a HTML file.
      I don't have the option of reading it in from another SWF file on the anotherDomain.com domain.
      All I can do is reference it from the HTML.

      Problem: the SWF file loads OK... and even data in the XML file loads.
      BUT: the images *DON'T* load. :(
      I've tried a million different things... and nothing works.

      One thing that did work for only one file I tried was to put references of the jpg's be absolute URLs, i.e. htpp://www.firstDomain.com/... etc.

      But this only worked for one file... other files I have tried refuse to work. :(
      I suspect the first file may have been Flash 5... this maybe would explain thigns... as Flash got new securtiy features in later releases.

      I've really been pulling my hair out over this one.

      I've done lot's of reading and have read about the allow.access (or whatever it's called) and about the cross domain issues.
      Striclty speaking... I didn't think this was an issue for my problem... but I implemented the suggested rules anyway.
      Stll no luck. :(

      An still I have no luck. :(

      Are there any example anywhere of actual files (source files that is) that implement the crossdomain issue?

      Any advice on my problem?