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    Newbie help please

    Level 7
      Hi I'm new to actionscript and need a little help...

      I'm trying to use a button to scroll an image across my movie 1 px at a
      time, I've got as far as making the image's movie clip move by 1 px
      everytime the user mouses over my button. However I want the image to
      continue moving until the clip gets to certain position OR the user 'mouses
      off' the button..

      My rather basic script that moves the image by one pixel only is this

      btn_right.onRollOver = function(){

      if(this.ellas._x <= 871){

      _root.ellas._x -= 1;

      } //close if

      I'm sure this is simple but as I said I'm a little new to this!

      I'm using ActionScript 2