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    Text wrapped inside Ellipse won't go until the edge

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      I'm struggling with InDesign - I've got a nice circular object with text inside which I've set to cut the object so the background underneath is showing. Due to that I've applied inner and drop shadow on text/object, I can't separate the object from the text - the text must be typed and wrapped inside the object (as I've understood).


      Problem - the text inside won't go until the edge, but just keeps flying down on the next line even though there is more than enough space (??). The first screenshot shows it when the words "at a" are written together, but as soon as you put a space between them it jumps to the next line and the whole text disappears.


      I can't expand the text frame since the text frame IS the circle and the text frame options Inset spacing is generally zeroed out (third screenshot below).

      Can anyone help me fit this text - which obviously has enough space - into the circle without messing up the nice cut-out effect with shadows? By the way the yellow object is an ellipse and behind it is a compound path with the same fill, both set to 90% opacity. The text is placed inside the basic ellipse, not the compound path.


      snap1.PNG snap2.PNG snap3.PNG


      Thanks a mil