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    Error message E_LIC_ALREADY_RETURNED

    sjjackson-XtzPcR Level 1

      ADE 2.0 thinks it has already returned a loaned book but it didn’t complete the return process because it quit unexpectedly (crashed) during that return process.
      How can I complete the aborted return process?


      I have had this problem several times after ADE2.0 quits unexpectedly in the middle of returning a library loan.

      When ADE2.0 is re-opened, the book file is still visible but I cannot return the library book since ADE2.0 says I have already returned it.

      My online library bookshelf says the book has not been returned.

      However, if I delete the book from my ADE library, then try to re-download and re-open the second .acsm file (in order to re-return the book), I get the message
      Unable to download
      Error getting License. License Server Communication Problem: