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    Can't install bought-version of Premiere Elements 12?!

    L Prickitt

      Hi there. After downloading the PE12 trial version succesfully, I uninstalled it to try a view other programs and then decided in the end to purchase Adobe PE12. However now I can't reload the program!


      The PremiereElements_12_WWEFDJ_win32.exe downloaded fine. But when I tried to download PremiereElements_12_WWEFDJ_win32.7z the download seemed to take foreve, so I checked my ISP and upped my speed and usage to ensure a fast download. This improved things, but it then just stalled at about 60% complete. So I stopped the download and restarted it again (as that often seems to make things improve). But same problem. So I changed the power supply on my PC to ensure a sleep mode wasn't conflicting with the download, but that didn't work either. So I gave up for the day figuring I'd wait for the official email, with serial number, etc, and do the download that way. But the same thing happened. And when I tried it again I got this message:



      Too many download attempts: 5. You were allowed to download only 5 times.

      If you have any questions, please contact Digital River Customer Service at CustomerServices@digitalriver.com."


      But when I emailed them they said I'd have to contact Adobe for user support. But Adobe says I'm not elligible for chat or phone support. It also shows I have no orders with them. What's going on?? (Digital River is the payment comany Adobe uses for this part of the world.)


      I have also tried to download the trial version again, figuring I can input my serial number from there to change the trial to the legit version. But after downloading nearly 90% of it, the download assistant simply restarts as if nothing was downloaded (despite burning loads of interenet usage). I've tried this three times now (and yes, rebooted my computer several times too).


      Any suggestions???