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    Which Creative cloud membership to choose???




      So here's the thing..


      I work in a team of some sorts..
      We all live and work in different places.. only meet up in person 2x a year, without computers nearby..

      we do have a external server to store our work.. which we can log on to.
      But the manager doesn't want to put the CS6 on it because it's too heavy on the serversystem..
      And he doesn't want to risk a crash.. So i thought.. maybe Creative Cloud is a good option..but..


      Do I buy an individual membership and put it on our server?


      Is that heavy fot the server?


      Or do I buy a team membership?


      and put it on our own computers at home??


      All we do is make a full color magazine that's published 4x a year about our hobby..
      And make some designs for our merchandise to sell..



      We currently work with Micr. Publisher 2007..
      But I hate it!




      So what membership do i recommend to my manager.. trying to get him to buy CC for our semi-team..