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    How to change the picture directory in _edge.js to an offline directory?


      Hi there,

      I want to make an animate with pictures from an android device. So, how can I change the directory to an offline directory. The pictures are in file://sdcard/xyz/pictures.

      The .html is on the same device.



      * Adobe Edge: symbol definitions


      (function($, Edge, compId){

      //images folder

      var im='images/';          <-- THIS ONE TO AN "file://sdcard/xyz/pictures" DIRECTORY?!



      var fonts = {};





      var resources = [


      var symbols = {

      "stage": {

         version: "1.5.0",

         minimumCompatibleVersion: "1.5.0",

         build: "",

         baseState: "Base State",

         initialState: "Base State",

         gpuAccelerate: false,

         resizeInstances: false,

         content: {

               dom: [









      Thanks a lot.