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    Looping MC vanishes in SWF mode only


      Hi All,
      (Please pardon the cross post (I haven’t gotten any responses from an older, related discussion: http://forums.adobe.com/message/6311377#6311377)

      I’m encountering a glitch in my frame script code that loops a FLV inside a child movie clip: Every so often, the child MC will vanish. This happens only intermittently (maybe every other browser reload and after between 4 and 40 secs of play).

      I’ve been struggling with this issue for 2 weeks, testing thoroughly but haven’t been able to resolve it. I’ve tried removing all other content except for the looping MC, using very low rez FLVs with and without alpha, using F4Vs instead, changing the looping code and all the properties on the FLVPlayback component,etc…without success.



      It only happens in .swf mode (when viewed thru a browser, but happens in all browsers and on 4 different operating systems). I never see it in authoring mode, tho. I’m hoping someone might have insight about how to prevent the problem so I can use this code that does a great job of seamlessly looping my animated movie clips.


      Here’s the bare-bones test swf:

      -I linked the source files from the top of that page, if you have time to test it.

      What I’m doing:

      I put the following code on a layer in frame 1 of a child movie clip. This movie clip has a FLVPlayback component in it called, ‘childMovieClip.’

      import fl.video.*;

      var index:int = 0;

      childMovieClip.addEventListener(fl.video.VideoEvent.COMPLETE, completeHandler);

      childMovieClip.source = "central_2.flv";



      function completeHandler(e: fl.video.VideoEvent): void



          childMovieClip.visibleVideoPlayerIndex = index;



        function readyNextPlayerF():void{


          output1.text = "loop index: " + index; // For troubleshooting output to stage

         childMovieClip.activeVideoPlayerIndex = index;

          childMovieClip.source = "central_2.flv"; //assign the source


      Any help is greatly appreciated. If someone could recommend other code that would seemlessy loop the FLV animations, I'd be ever so thankful as well.