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    Creative Cloud to New Solid State Drive




      I am upgrading my mac mini with a solid state drive, although i already have Creative Cloud on my current harddrive. Will I be able to download Creative Cloud to my solid state drive from the same Creative Cloud account? Or will I need to subscribe to a new membership?

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          JEShort01 Level 4

          For CC, you will not need to subscribe again, but you will need to deactivate your CC license on your current drive before you decommission it.


          From the menu: Help / Sign Out





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            UlfLaursen Level 2

            You should be fine to make a copy of your current setup onto a SSD disc, using SuperDuper:




            I am going the same way as you soon, and got this description from the guys at Shirt-Pocket:



            First, prepare the new drive (in a drive dock or similar) by partitioning it:


            * Start Disk Utility

            * Select the external drive hardware in the sidebar

            * Click the Partition tab (if it doesn't appear, you selected the volume, not the drive hardware above it)

            * Use Disk Utility's controls to divide the drive as needed, even as a single large partition. Use "Mac OS Extended (Journaled)" as the format type and name appropriately

            * Click Options

            * Choose the proper partition scheme (GUID for Intel macs, Apple Partition Map for Power PC) and accept the page

            * Click Partition.


            Then, make a full "Backup - all files" with "Smart Update" or "Erase, then copy" to the new drive.


            Rename the drive to have the *same* name as the original.


            Now, shut down and swap the drives.


            Power back up -- you'll notice it'll take a while to start (it's looking for the original drive). When it finally boots, open System Preferences and select the new drive as the startup drive in the Startup Disk preference pane.


            You will of ourse need to make sure that the amount of data on your current drive does not exceed the size of the SSD.



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              Bill Gehrke Most Valuable Participant

              If you get my choice of best SSD drive the Samsung 840 Pro, it comes with a disc that will clone your hard drive of any size to the connected SSD.  It works like a piece of cake!  As said earlier make sure you SignOut as below under the Help Menu