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    how can i generate a new static link/file?


      Im trying to figure out how to approch a problem. what I want to do is generate a new file/link, maybe using 'cffile' or any other way.

      Right now i have cse_newsletter.cfm , that looks like this(kind of)

      select ....
      select ....
            <h1>Starburst Star Award</h1>
           <h3>Winner: Department- #highest_dept_name_average#</h3>
           <h3>Average:  #hihest_dept_average# </h3>
           <h4>Runner-up: Department- #highest_dept_name_runnerup# </h4>
           <h4> Average: #highest_dept_name_average_runnerup# </h4>

      the query works and give me the correct output i want.(rigth now i use cfshedule to run it, but everytime i will run it will overwrite the old data with the new) what it does it gives me the data of the past month.

      so every tiime it runs it should give me the data from the past month.

      I would like to make it that everytime i click on a submit(maybe there is a better way to do it without submit) it will give me a static txt/link that has the data.

      i know that with cffile="write" it can give me a txt file(and this file can be overwritten) , but i would preffer if is easier to just me a link on cse_newsletter.cfm that will output/display what is on the body right now in cse_newsletter.


      please give me any advice/suggestion, maybe a article i can read online (havent found anything that can help me)



      this right her is the cfshedule, right now is on update, so obvioulsy it wont work with update, but i dont think with what i want i can accomplish with cffile "write"

      <cfschedule action = "update"
          task = "TaskName" 
          operation = "HTTPRequest"
          url = "cse_execoffice_newsletter.cfm"
          startDate = "04/18/14"
          startTime = "11:19 AM"
          interval = "3600"
          resolveURL = "Yes"